Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cuz its just that awesome here...

Its no secret that I love this little town. Be it tranistory or not, it has become our home. The people, the surroundings, they have all become near and dear to us. When you move a lot--always following the job path, as we do--you don't really allow yourself to become part of a community. It is difficult to allow yourself to invest in friendships and to really and truly connect with people.

But being here has changed my mind about that. We were welcomed here with wide open arms, and pulled into the community whether we wanted to be or not. My kids have found the perfect playmates, and even though its no longer summertime they still make time to hang out with their buds. Another great thing about the neighborhood? Movie & Pizza Night at the neighbors' house every Friday night. The kids love it and can't wait for the end of the week to roll around.

Fall has been amazing here, and as it turns out the community doesn't go into hibernation just because there is a chill in the air. In early October our gracious friends and neighbors hosted Blocktoberfest, block party/Oktoberfest all in one. There was awesome food and I met and blabbed with people I regret not knowing sooner!

Of course there were gobs of Halloween activities going on, which we took full advantage of. There was pumpkin painting and carving, crafts, and hot dogs and chili. The kids had an awesome time! The pics to prove it:

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I love Halloween. I love it that kids are a little bolder and adults are more spirited. Heck, I even knit a Bat Shawl. I'm always a proponent of rediscovering your primal self, and Halloween definitely lends itself to impishness and fight-or-flight responsiveness. For one night, people step out of themselves just enough to play pranks and let themselves be just a little bit scared.

How exactly is all of this about knitting, Betzi?

Let's start with the New Year's Day 2009. I made several resolutions, one of which was "teach 10 people to knit or spin". It might seem like a very strange resolution to some, but I firmly believe that even if people don't want to create their own wearables, they should as least know that they can. I love spreading the word about knitting and spinning (as you all know) and prosylatize its benefits probably more than my friends and family can stand. And you never know...maybe they will someday teach someone to knit or spin and further spread the tranquility and joy comes with playing with yarn.

It is this thought that motivates me more than any other.

At any rate, Betzi has been busy teaching people to knit. What started out as one "student" quickly became two--this poor drop-in hardly knew what hit her as she had two needles and some yarn thrust into her hands. As the word spread, two became three. If you count in the 2 people I taught to spin I'm now up to 5. That's halfway to my goal of 10, but ya know what? I'm confident that I will be able to find some more potential yarn junkies knitters by December 31st. There is a whole neighborhood full of people who don't know how to knit!

I'm such a wool pusher...

Here is the budding knitter that started it all. She always brings the most awesome baked goods!

You should know that in lieu of our next knitting lesson, we are all going to the Yarn Store to introduce these ladies to my supplier. I am so excited!

It is such a lovely and peaceful thing to sit around with interesting people and talk, drink tea, eat homemade baked goods, and above all KNIT. There is a quietude that comes with the soft tick-tick-tick of needles in motion, and a distinct feeling of community, even with such a small group. Women and men have been doing this very thing for hundreds of years. It comforts me that even though certain aspects of knitting have changed so much (the materials, the designs, and techniques to name a few) the important things--the fact that knitters still gather to create and learn from one another gives me great comfort.

Well that's it for now from the Blue Bungalow! There is so much going on right now that I hardly have time to blog it all. But blog it I will, and hopefully next week I'll have some new yummy yarn to show you! Take care and keep on keepin' on!

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  1. I swear you have 2 of the cutiest kids Betzi. Like I said keep converting everyone into knitters & they will rename is Knitter's Ferry lol. I am glad you guys had a great Halloween. I can't wait to see what goodies you pick up @ the yarn store.